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to the „out-of-the-box“ systems…

» Convergys: Supplier of the Rating & Billing Systems Geneva, IRB, RBM
» Maxbill: Supplier of the Rating und Billing System Maxbill with modules: MaxCare, MaxRate, MaxGen, MaxCatalog
» Amdocs: Supplierof the Rating und Billing Systems Amdocs
» Siebel: Siebel Contact Center Software, now owned by Oracle
» Basset Labs: Watchdog Fraud Detecton System, Roaming billing System, Interconnect & content settlement billing, Convergent mediation platform
» Comptel: Convergent Mediation, Interconnect Billing, Charging, Roaming Management

… which I have been working with

With the above mentioned systems I have been actively involved in running or leading system implementations, data migrations or system customisations all over europe. As a result I have gained a lot of functional and technical knowledge with these systems and business know-how accoding to the vendors.